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Files to open in a new window

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07 September 2009, 11:49 PM

Hi there,

 I noticed that when I open a "file to download" it opens in the same window. Making it a bit confusing. Is there a way to change that so everytime someone clicks on an item it opens in a new window?
That often results in accidently closing the mahara session by closing a file.


One more question: Is there a way to when you click on an item it opens directly the file instead of opening the window with "Type, description, owner, created, etc..." then having to click a second time on the file name to open the file? Just thinking about single click access instead of two clicks.

 Hope someone can help,



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09 September 2009, 8:04 PM

Hi - yeah the behaviour is a little bit strange. Would probably be better if the default behaviour was that you clicked on the name to download it, and there was a "details" link. I might have a go at changing it.

In any event, you can click on the icon to download it straight away at the moment - though that link will happen in the same window. 

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10 September 2009, 1:55 AM

To make the file open in a new window, it's a pretty easy fix.

Open /artefact/file/blocktype/lib.php and find the line that says:

$result .= '<div class="fl"><a href="' . hsc($downloadurl) . '">';

and change it to:

$result .= '<div class="fl"><a href="' . hsc($downloadurl) . '" target="_blank">';

and then open /artefact/file/js/file.js and find:

parentattribs.href = self.downloadscript + '?file=' +;

and after it add: = '_blank';

That should do it, I think.  As for the file details thing, I haven't changed that yet, but it shouldn't be too difficult to change.

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