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My name is Conor Clarke, I am 18 years old and am currently in my first year of studying Commerce in UCD.  I chose Commerce as it is a broad course and can open many doors to the professional world in future years when it comes to the time for searching for a job.  At the moment I am keen to go down the road of either finance or accountancy as I believe that these fields of work would be well suited for me.  I enjoy working within teams as it is something I have grown up in through playing on several sports teams so I realise the importance of teamwork and have the determination to achieve results.

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Some more background infomation on me that isn't included in my profile information.

I have lived in Wellington for the past twenty years with Lynn and three school aged children.

I have an interest in education having taught at a tertiary distance provider for twenty years and also taught night classes at community education for 10 years. I am also interested in early childhood eduaction and helped Lynn manage a retail store selling educational toys.

My interest in computing occured when I purchased a home computer in my first year at  university (Commodore Vic 20) . This magic box was able entertain me with sound and colour that I could control which was a far cry from the mainframes of the day.

I have  developed and supported some fairly large computer systems. User support at all stages of the system development is essential - seems obvious but doesn't often happen.Surprised



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