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A strong background in delivering training and focused IAG to a range of clients, providing individual sessions and workshops, across diverse age groups and settings. Liaise with training and education providers to maintain current knowledge of opportunities, disseminating information to clients, enabling them to make better-informed choices. Raise aspirations, providing a motivational and inspirational presence.

A highly qualified with significant experience working as an Employability Tutor/Job Coach and Career Advisor. An experienced professional in undertaking assessments, providing person-centred support and giving advice and information. Experience of working with challenging situations and responding calmly, able to use de-escalation techniques where appropriate. Working to targets and deadlines, maintain positive relationships with clients and colleagues. Used to working with a caseload, supporting individuals to set and achieve goals, using a personal action plan as the basis of support.

His networking skills enable him to build positive relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. This provides supportive opportunities for clients in the fields of housing, education and life-skills development. A thorough and accurate record keeper and familiar with health and safety, risk, data protection and cultural diversity legislation and requirements. Used to working within budgetary constraints, a fully co-operative and collaborative team member who is able to work under instruction while also being able to work independently when required. Aware of the role of corporate responsibility, communicate well with colleagues, this benefits the client and the organisation.


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Information Technologist from the University of South Australia, working as the main support staff for our instance of Mahara.

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