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Safer Internet - Croatian activities

Suradnici u učenju ( is a teacher association dedicated to creating a positive and supportive environment in which education professionals can share their experience, get quality and current information, be innovative and creative and continue their professional development.

We promote a proper and purposeful use of educational technology in all areas of education, lifelong learning of teachers and teaching and learning about responsible, appropriate and safe use of internet.

We connect different partners in order to synchronize activities and create synergy among institutions, associations and firms who work on safer internet for children and youth.

Center for Missing and Exploited Children together with partners from Bosnia and Hercegovina organize web quiz for children on 11th February

The Ombudsman for Children organzes special session in the Croatian National Parliament dedicated to Chlidrens' media literacy and safer internet on 10th February.

Five schools who are working on EU project petzanet.HR creating school curriculum "Safer internet for children" will have special activities on 11th february in order to raise awareness and connect with local comunities. New curriculum will be published on the same day.

Primary school Veliki Bukovec organizes interactive round table on which children will help adults and parents to recognize potential of internet in education.

Primary school "Mato Lovrak", Nova Gradiška will have exibition of students craftwork dedicated to safer and better internet.

Primary school Popovača, will have workshops for students, parents and local community. Children and parents will be creating posters and policies about safer and better use of technology.

Primary school Gripe, will have press conference to show project results so far.

Primary school "Mladost", Osijek will have ceremony of signing acceptable use policy by students, parents and teachers.

For the fifth year in a row, the Croatian teachers association Partners in Learning has launched the national campaign „Safer internet For Kids and Youth“ to promote safer and more responsible use of the internet.  Teachers articles and students mulitmedia works from previous years can be found on the website and in digital magazine Pogled kroz prozor (A View Through the Window).

Activities for students include the creation of different multimedia files (animations, video files, games etc.) which will not only highlight possible internet dangers but also give advice on how to avoid them. Student work will be showcased on the website and prizes for the best projects will be awarded.

Teachers and teaching assistants will participate in the event by organizing seminars, workshops and other types of activities that will engage their students. Teachers will share best practice examples, exchange ideas and give advice and information on online safety issues. They will write about their experiences for the teacher e-magazine Pogled kroz prozor. 

Parents and adults in general will be able to attend online webinars and seminars which will be organized in primary and secondary schools all over Croatia. The seminars and the webinars will promote effective, responsible and safe use of the internet. Special emphasis will be placed on the exchange of practical ideas, first-hand experience and useful advice to provide guidance for parents and children in the world of new technologies.

All the details about the activities and events, the exhibition of student and teacher work, timetables and deadlines can be found on the Safer internet webpage

The Center for Safer Internet was presented on CARNet CUC conference in Zagreb on 20 to 22. 11. 2013. The first day of the conference, CARNet, in collaboration with other partners presented the aims and activities. Audience were students of XV. gymnasium Zagreb, their parents, principal Mr. Josip Harcet, teachers and other conference participants. After the partners presented the Center, students were asking questions to better inform. Partners were responding to questions.
The second day of the conference was held workshops in the form of a debate that CARNet organized in collaboration with teachers and students of XV. gymnasium Zagreb. Name of the debate was, "It is necessary to increase the safety of minors on the Internet".
The third day of the workshop held at the Primary School Vrbani Zagreb in collaboration with the principal and teacher Magdalena Babic. Children 6th Grades were made comics on the topic of child safety on the Internet.

The following links are recording debate, photos and comics:


 "NO Hate Speech on Internet" is a Croatian national campaign which implementation is coordinated by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, in cooperation with the National Committee.


In order to ensure publicity of campaign’s activities, many popular Croatian media presenters, actors and athletes are engaged as campaign’s ambassador (Iva Šulentić) and promoters (Goran Bogdan , Amar Bukvić, Leona Paraminski , Daniela Trbović, Ivana Nanut, Tomislav Jelinčić and Ice Hockey Club Medveščak Zagreb).


Furthermore, in order to encourage young people to get actively involved in spreading campaign’s values and messages, a number of online and offline features and activities are prepared, such as campaigns website, campaigns Facebook profile and official video.  Also, Ministry continuously disseminates promotional materials (T-shirts and badges) and provides financial support for NGO’s projects linked with the campaign. More activities, regarding schools and students, are planned in the future.


As part of a Croatian national campaign “NO Hate Speech on Internet”, on the occasion of Safer Internet Day, several activities will be undertaken:
- celebration of the Safer Internet Day will be announced on campaign Facebook and website,

- the logo of the campaign will be set as profile picture on Croatian Government Facebook profile,

- there will be a shortquiz on campaign Facebook profile and first few correct answers will be rewarded with campaign t-shirts and badges,

- Campaign’s fans and followers will be invited to change their profile picture, replace it with campaign logo and give answer to the question "Why I dislike hatred ?".

Join us and do make a step towards a better & safer internet for children!

Resources from previous years are available here: