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Pogled kroz prozor

The project I am currently involved with is establishing the community for all members of educational context. The main goal is to create a place where teachers can find news, materials and make professional relationship with each other.
We have three elements for the community:

  • The Portal "Suradnici u učenju" (Partners in learning) as the centre and starting point of all activities, with instructions, news, educational materials and repository for digital magazine and webinars.
  • A Digital magazine as a place where teachers can publish their articles.
  • Webinars as online seminars which members can attend in real time or watch the recorded material later.

Pogled kroz prozor (A View through the window) is published monthly on the web with newsletter to members, and I'm the editor in chief. Pogled contains articles about: How to start a project, Up to date strategies to teach children with special needs, Innovative teacher forum, How to use Photosynth in class, How to make a school calendar, How to organize and prepare for the school start,Reports from conferences in Croatia nad abroad,, How to be active attendee of webinars, Cybersafety for kids and other interesting themes.
You can read all articles in Pogled kroz prozor in RSS feed on the left side.

Webinars - online seminars about different topics with Croatian and International lecturers and audience.