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Mahara 1.3 Summary of changes

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Facility to disable email adresses after receiving multiple bounces.
SAML authentication
Gravatar profile icons
Bulk user import & export (experimental)
Portfolio API to allow import of artefacts from Moodle over MNET.
View/artefact feedback enhancements:
  - can be enabled/disabled on each view
  - recent comments can be edited by the author
  - can be deleted by author, view owner, admin (triggers notification)
  - multiple file attachments
  - require agreement by author & owner before making private comments public
  - anonymous comments can be enabled/disabled at site level
  - import/export of feedback
  - feedback email notifications in html
  - feedback moderation (makes comments private by default until approved by the view owner)
  - fine-grained permissions (comments can be enabled/disabled for every access list item)
Anti-spam features on register, contact us, anonymous comments:
  - Tricks to make form-filling difficult for bots
  - Check urls in content against known spam blacklists
Configurable number of items in external feed, blog blocks
Admin area improvements:
  - detailed site statistics & graphs for users, views & groups
  - link to latest Mahara release
  - show status of cron
  - group site options into sections
Record number of page hits on views & display these to the owner
Improved ways to add/invite users to groups:
  - from user search page
  - in bulk from group members page
View submission from group page and from the view itself
User-configurable home page (Dashboard View)
Configurable group home page (Group Homepage View)
New block types:
  - notifications
  - recently modified views
  - recent forum posts
More user-friendly notifications & help text
Show entire thread when replying to personal messages
Simplify main navigation
Basic Mahara information & help on home page
Footer links can be disabled/enabled
Online users can be disabled
Indenting of threads can be disabled per-forum
Active user sessions revoked on suspension
Full security review
  - All db queries checked
  - All templates checked and automatic escaping enabled
New version of HTMLPurifier
  - Safe <embed> and <object> tags now allowed in user html content
New version of TinyMCE HTML editor
Locking of blogposts and files
  - When views are submitted, blogposts & files in it are marked as locked
  - Editing/deleting of locked artefacts not permitted until view is released
Moodle Repository plugin support (allows a user's Mahara files to be accessed from their Moodle account)
Group categories
  - Admins can define categories
  - Categories can be assigned during group creation and used in group searches
Admin group management page
  - Allows group admins to be demoted/assigned
  - Allows groups to be deleted
New user search options in admin area:
  - Make users always searchable by their real names
  - Make users always searchable by usernames
Changes to view access notifictaions
  - Groups can turn off new view access notifictions altogether
  - View access to group only notified when the view owner also belongs to the group
Atom feeds for public blogs and forums

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Hi Richard, I have a problem, when I would like to export an assignment to Mahara, I got this error "Failed to start communication with remote server: remote server error: code: , message: Importing content is disabledERROR 4: 4: remote server error: code: , message: Importing content is disabled" Any idea?
Hi, I wonder the outcome plugin for moodle works in mahara 1.3.3. Thanks.
can you give me the patch file for like teachertube.
I finished translation into korean.
give me the comment for my question.
i am working on resume form. i am improveing the resume form. in education history in description field i want to put the wysiwyg in place of textarea. so how can i do this. please give me idea for that.
Richard, Give a comment on my "forbidden admin" in the support forum. Thank you. Ricardo
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