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Continue the development of the Mahara Mobile app?

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27 May 2020, 23:06


I would like to know if they continue to develop the "Mahara Mobile" app for iOS, because the latest version available is almost a year old and does not work correctly with the iOS 13.x version.

The problems are several:

- It is not possible to upload videos from the app, because it always shows the following error with any type of video: "Audio recorder not avaliable"

- The app closes unexpectedly at random

- It is not possible to create a new blog entry from the app

I have installed the latest version of the app "Mahara Mobile 1.4.2" but no update has been released for almost a year.

Thank you

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06 June 2020, 11:26

Hi Juan,

Thanks for showing interest in the Mahara mobile app!

Since last December, the Mahara team is working on a brand new  Mahara Mobile app. We are in the final stages of releasing it onto the Android Store. Once that is done, we will begin to finetune and test the app for iOS compatibility.

We're looking forward to your feedback when it is released.


Doris ^^

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29 November 2020, 11:54

Hi Juan,

Mahara Mobile is now in the iOS store as well.



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