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Integrate Multiple Moodle with Institutions in Mahara

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01 September 2018, 14:34

My questions are:

1. How do I integrate multiple Moodle instances with a single Mahara app? What I want to achieve is to map each Moodle instances with Institutions created in Mahara. How do I achieve this?

2. I have a scenario where I have a single instance of Moodle with multiple databases that represent each institution. Is it possible to use Mahara to control each database instance that represents the Moodle institutions from Mahara? What I mean by this is that if Mahara is connected to Moodle single instance, is it possible to switch to these databases based on the logged in user? The reason for this is that many instances of Moodle seem to be an overkill. If these are possible, please kindly point me to the guide - video, docs, to achieve this.

Please help. God bless.

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