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Mapping users to portfolios

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05 September 2017, 6:05


We have an existing Moodle/Mahara setup, connecting via MNET. We have just set up an instance of Canvas connecting to Mahara via LTI.

Users accessing Mahara through Moodle are connected to their portfolios. However if they connect through Canvas they are treated as new users and are prompted to set up new portfolios. They cannot access their existing portfolios when connecting through Canvas.  

Any guidance as to how to correct this?



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05 September 2017, 7:17

UPDATE - FYI, have pored over info in Section 12.3 "Setup in Canvas" of User Manual. Still not quite clear on how to fix, but working on it...

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05 September 2017, 9:34

Reviewing our Canvas Settings->Apps->View App Configurations for our Mahara app, I see that the Config URL is styled:


Per the Mahara 17.04 manual, Section 12.3.2 "Manual setup" (12.3 is "Setup in Canvas"), this should be:


Would changing the Config URL as above solve our issues? Is there something else we should be doing instead?



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13 October 2017, 11:29

Hi Reggie,

I'm sorry for not having responded earlier. TBH, we have not connected Moodle via MNet and another instance via LTI as LTI is the replacement for MNet. I would think that you can get around this easily by changing all MNet accounts into LTI accounts using the same LTI keys. Did you try that?

Currently, you can't use MNet with LTI as per my testing as the parent auth in MNet doesn't recognize LTI correctly. From Mahara 17.10 on it will be possible to set up SAML as parent auth to LTI, but that would only be SAML and not MNet.

The URL that you would need to enter for LTI in Canvas is [wwwroot]/module/lti/configxml.php




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