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Blocktype render_instance problem

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01 July 2017, 3:43

Hi All,



I've created a blocktype for mahara, and I've made an intance config form for this blocktype but I've a problem.

In fact when I return in my render_instance function the $smarty->fetch() wich contains the tpl of my blocktype, Mahara doesn't display the config form popup before display the blocktype.


I've tried to made my blocktype like the tutorial on mahara and the example of the Twitter block.


NB : when I return nothing ( '') Mahara displays the config form so Can you know what is the problem ?



Thanks a lot ,



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11 July 2017, 9:45

Hi Sy,

It's hard to know the issue without seeing the code or an error message. But it looks like you might have an issue in your tpl file.

Could you please provide more information? Do you see any error messages when adding a new block to the page?


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