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usersuniquebyusername - what does "experimental" means?

06 April 2017, 18:03


the feature "usersuniquebyusername" is experimental. Does this mean that it is not ready to use because more development is needed? Or is it "only" an information to be carefull when using this configuration?


We have several moodle that connects to different maharainstitutions on mahara-server. Some users have allready two mahara-accounts, because we did not use "usersuniquebyusername". Has someone experience what happens if we now use the "usersuniquebyusername"-feature. Will the users still be able to login to mahara from one of the moodle? (The users should export the portfolios from that account, that will not be acessable after switching "usersuniquebyusername" on.)

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11 April 2017, 9:56

Hello Andreas,

"Experimental" means that it's not fully tested and can still be buggier than we'd like, but we make the functionality available for people who want to start testing it through Mahara core. The usersuniquebyusername feature has been in Mahara for a very long time, but since it hasn't received many updates or testing, we haven't taken the experimental stamp of as it's also a feature that should be used carefully.

If you want to activate usersuniqubyusername now, learners will go into one of their two accounts but won't be able to access the second one anymore. The accounts should be merged by exporting one account and importing it into the other. This is a manual process I'm afraid.




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