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SmartEvidence not displaying for collections

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15 February 2017, 1:20


I've just installed the latest version of Mahara (16.10) on my testing server to try out the SmartEvidence feature. The site isn't in production mode, but I've enabled the annotation block and added the example dot matrix files from the Catalyst page to see the different types of layout. All show as active in the admin settings.

When logging in as administrator or other user and going to the edit description section of the collection I want to add a framework to, the Smart Evidence section of the page shown in the manual is missing

Can anyone suggest what I'm missing to get this running?

Thanks in advance, Gordon.

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15 February 2017, 7:52

Hi Gordon,

First thing to check is that the institution settings has SmartEvidence enabled.

An issue I have found is that if your account is in two institutions and one does not have SmartEvidence enabled the option to use it in a collection disappears.



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Posts: 194

17 February 2017, 22:17

Hi Patric,

Yes that was it - in the institution settings SmartEvidence was off. I hadn't even thought to look there as I hadn't setup any institutions in the test site.

Thanks, Gordon.

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