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Disable/turn off/uninstall Elasticsearch via database

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17 June 2015, 1:23 AM


We have managed hosting but I was just trying to set-up a development version of our mahara installation for development and a bit of testing. I've got a recent copy of our database, files and code.

As I don't want to set-up a tomcat server I want to use the local version without Elastic Search. Is there a simple way via the database (i.e. not logging in via web application) to disable/uninstall ElasticSearch? At present on trying to login to my dev version I'm getting an error (error below) related to elastic search so I can't login to turn it off

The error I get indicates that a trigger is missing. I could create it but am just thinking if I could just disable the plugin and not use elasticsearch then it would be easier.

The search %Search% tables don't appear to indicate whether the elastic search is enabled or not. A fresh install of mahara showed the elasticsearch was in the search_config and search_installed tables. How can you tell which is being used; is it simply having a record that indicates it's in use? I think I was expecting to see a field like "in_use" = true (1) or something for one search method and not the other but they both have an "1" (true?) for active.

More generally do you just delete records from appropriate tables to uninstall features as described here:





:error]  [WAR] 1d (lib/errors.php:745) Failed to get a recordset: mysqli error: [1305: PROCEDURE maharastudentfolio1.search_elasticsearch_queue_trigger does not exist] in EXECUTE("UPDATE "usr" SET "logintries" = 1  WHERE "id" = '1' "),



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17 June 2015, 2:39 AM



Sorry, it was in the mysql config table all along, so I did this:

update config set value ='internal' where field = 'searchplugin'

to set the search plugin back to "internal"

I found this by following the error in lib/mahara.php back to searchlib.php which says it uses the library set in the config.php -so I looked in the config table too. 




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