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whats the use of Abstarct class

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09 October 2014, 11:03 PM

I'm getting Fatal error: Class PluginBlocktypeInvite contains 4 abstract methods and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods

My code : in artefact\inviteprograms\blocktype\invite\lib.php

class PluginBlocktypeInvite extends PluginBlocktype {

public static abstract function get_title();

public static abstract function get_description();

public static abstract function get_categories();
public static abstract function render_instance(BlockInstance $instance, $editing=false);


i creating plugin for inviting Fb friends with wiki mahara develooper area.


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10 October 2014, 8:23 AM

Hi Vignesh,

It turns out that Mahara was not implementing it's abstract methods correctly

To update the way you call the methods take a look at the patches here:

So for your code it would be something like:

interface IPluginBlocktypeInvite {
 public static function get_title();

 public static function get_description();

 public static function get_categories();

 public static function render_instance(BlockInstance $instance, $editing=false);

class PluginBlocktypeInvite extends PluginBlocktype implements IPluginBlocktypeInvite {
  // any non abstract functions


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13 October 2014, 11:39 AM

The patch that Robert posted is actually just about something that throws an E_STRICT warning. What you're showing here is a fatal error, because you subclassed an abstract class, PluginBlocktype, but didn't provide implementations for the abstract methods you inherited.




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