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Delete Multiple Users at Once

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14 July 2014, 23:34

Hi all,

Is it possible to be able to delete multiple users in one go rather than individually?

Thanks in advance!

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15 July 2014, 7:43

Hi Laura,

Yes it is possible to bulk delete users. To do this you need to go to the list at Administration -> Users where you will see checkboxes at the right side of the list for each user. Check the boxes of only the users that you want to delete (you can select users on multiple pages if the list is quite long).

When you have selected the users then at the top of the page is 'With selected users:' and an 'Edit' button. Click the edit button and you will be taken to a page where bulk activities can be carried out. The list here shows which users you are dealing with for the bulk activity.

One of these bulk activities is to delete users.



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