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embedding storify 'story' into e-portfolio

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26 June 2014, 20:58

Hello, I've been trying to embed a 'story' I constructed on the Storify website into a Mahara e-portfolio page but, even though I have followed the instructions re using the appropriate embed code, the 'story' is not being displayed on the designated page of the e-portfolio ' (just a link to the Storify web page showing at the bottom). Can you advise whether a) I'm trying to do something that Mahara doesn't support, or b) I could be doing something wrong. If the latter, where might I find instructions?

Many thanks

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27 June 2014, 16:34

Hi Neil,

Make sure you've added "" to the "allowed iframe sources" list. This is accessible in the admin page "Administration -> Extensions -> Allowed iframe sources".

I've tested it on my local machine and it seems to work. I see that the storify embed code includes a Javascript file, and Mahara strips that out for security reasons, so the embed may be missing some functionality. But it does load up an iframe which shows the contents of the story.



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