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'Access denied' msg when trying to access students file in a page

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23 June 2014, 20:55


A group of 4 students are in a group and have a created page.  

The page contains link to a pdf file, which myself and the tutor try to access, however get the following message:


Access denied

You do not have access to view this page


As admin of the group, i remove the pdf file and upload it again but no luck, same error.

Wierdly enough, had the same issue few days with a dew images not displyang, when clicking on the blank thumbnail got the same error message.  Later students uploaded the images again and see them fine.


Please help - what is causing the issue?  I doubt its a 'sharing' issue as me and the tutor are member of the group,



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24 June 2014, 20:18

Hello Usman,

Is there anything in your error log file when you try to access the PDF?




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27 June 2014, 16:42

When you say the page contains a "link" to a PDF file, is it a "File(s) to download" block, or is it a link embedded in a text field?

If it's a link in a text field, probably what happened is that the user uploaded the PDF file into their own files, rather than the group's files. One way to check on this the next time it occurs, would be to see whether the file is listed on the group's "Files" page.

On the other hand, if you have uploaded the file to the group, and some members of the group still get "Access denied" when trying to view it, then that probably is a bug in Mahara core. If you can list some steps to reliably reproduce it, please let us know and we'll try to fix it. Smile



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29 June 2014, 17:11

Hi Aaaron,

Usman gave me access to the group and it looks like a group file. I asked for the error log as I can't see anything wrong on the front end.




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