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08 January 2014, 8:39

At several langpacks are created. For each language a package is been created with a version number and a master package.

Can you please explain the differences and the update policies?

Who should take the version related packages?
When do you suggest to take the master version?When do you update the version packages?

I found that the master package is the latest one. If I made translations in the German language area of launchpad the master package was updated.  One of our sys admins took the version related lang package but we missed the new translations. My expectation was that new translations for 1.8 features would be available in the 1.8 package immidiately.

It would be easier to understand if there were some information at the download page.


08 January 2014, 12:24

Hello Ralf

Each version of the langpack is related to the same version of Mahara. If you have installed Mahara 1.7.x then use the 1.7 package in the language or your choice.

The master package refers to the non released and still in development version of Mahara.

When a translator makes a change or a translation in launchpad, the changes are automatically pushed on the page, once or a couple of times per day.

When a translation is made for a higher version of Mahara (e.g. 1.8) the same strings of previous versions are also translated (e.g. 1.7, 1.6, 1.5 ...).

It is then always preferable to work on the translation of the latest version of Mahara to benefit the cascade.

Sometimes I have noticed that the link between launchpad  and the luang packs web page didn't work properly. A mail to the core developers has always unblocked the situation.

Ralf Hilgenstock's profile picture
Posts: 145

08 January 2014, 22:53

Hi Dajan,

thanks for the information. I'm tranlslatinmg only in the latest version. My expectation was that the strings were automatically transfered into the version related package. I will send teh developers a mail about the problem.




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