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Grrrrr, Embedding Media

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20 December 2013, 5:48

Having lots of problems embedding .avi files on our Mahara v1.7 install.

This is the blow by blow account of the issue:

The question is, is it me, my PC or our install


Sorry (again)



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22 December 2013, 13:15

Hello Gideon,

This sounds like an issue with the mimetype of the avi file, i.e. it's a browser issue. It doesn't seem to be recognized properly by the browser. We've had this problem esp. when embedding PDF files because even though there is a standard for embedding those things, some people mess with the browser mimetypes and then they aren't recognized properly.

There are bug reports already at (specifically for avi and the mimetype you should only have in your browser)

The best will be to delete the incorrect browser bindings for avi.




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