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How to style the login box

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14 July 2013, 1:40 AM


I have made some changes to the look of mahara but whenever I try to login, mahara shows me the index.php page with the the login appended to it (http://site/mahara/?login) with the original mahara styling; but I have not seen where the login box is added in the php or th .tpl file.  I want it to be added to my newly styled index page.


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15 July 2013, 1:38 PM

Hi Delvon,

The login form is a bit tricky. Rather than being a hard-coded part of the Mahara front page, it's a "sideblock", and whether or not it is displayed on the front page is determined by some function calls that happen when Mahara is processing the page template. The code that adds the login block to the front page is in the smarty() function in htdocs/lib/web.php, around line 584. The actual content of the login block is a pieform, I believe.


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