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mahara keeps logging me off

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31 October 2012, 3:04


i have a mahara 1.5 install that I moved to ubuntu 12.04 from a windows 2008 box.

I have moodle on the same server and have mnet working fine. However when i log in directly to mahara as local admin and I getting asked to log on every page I visit.

I have found the notes in the FAQ about this have removed the serverAlias from the vhost and also checked the path the maharadata and the the permisisons. I've deleted the contents of the sessions folder to check this, they are re-created on log in as expected.

the apache error log shows nothing relating to mahara 

Any further ideas?




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09 November 2012, 16:55

Hi dan,

Is there any kind of redirecting happening? https to http, http://sitename to http://sitename.domain, etc?

Make sure that the domain in your wwwroot value in the mahara config file matches the domain your apache config is referring to.

Hope this helps,

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