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upload files for all to see

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31 August 2012, 3:33 AM

Hi there,

Can a user or the admin upload files for everyone to see? How do I do that? Sorry, but I'm very new to this.


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01 September 2012, 9:16 PM

Hello Alice,

There are a few ways that you could make files available to others that depend a bit what you want to achieve. As you posted another question on I'll not repeat what I wrote there. Wink Here I assume that it is a standard file that your users should either display in their portfolio or download on to their computers.

  1. You can upload your file in the "Site files" as site admin in the "Site administration". Then you can place the file into a site page and when you decide who shall have access to it decide whether to automatically place this page into the account of new users or just allow copying. This also works on the institution level for institution pages. When students receive the page automatically, the file is put into their own files area. The same also goes for allowing them to copy the page: Once the page is copied, the file is available in their own files area.
  2. You can upload your file in the "Site files" as site admin into the "public" folder or you can upload the file as institution admin into the institution files area and your users will be able to pick those files when they place the block "Files to download" into their own portfolio page.
  3. If only select users should receive the files, you can work with a group (see comments in the forum topic mentioned above).

You may wish to look up the site and institution files or other things in the user manual at



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