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Other WYSIWYG editor? Joomla Integration?

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15 February 2011, 1:37 PM

Hi there,


Just wondering if there is an alternative to using the WYSIWYG editor in Mahara. The students won't want to use relative paths when inserting images so was hoping there was an alternative (or a plugin for some sort of graphical upload tool).


Also, are there any plans to integrate Joomla and Mahara together via bridging/SSO? This would be very handy in the future!


Thanks. Looking forward to your reply.

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06 July 2011, 1:56 AM


If your Purpose is to Upload the Images from the Local Computer & not for the Image URL.

This Is Easily Done with Few Changes in the Coding.

For this Purpose you don't need to integrate Mahara with Joomla.

You should have to code for this Feature on Mahara....


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07 July 2011, 6:25 AM

Hello Rohan and Mrunal,

Instead of putting the image into a text box on a page, you could use the "Image" block and display an image immediately.

If you wish to display an image in a journal post, you attach the image first to the post and can then choose it for display within the WYSIWYG editor.



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07 July 2011, 7:56 AM


Ok then i will Give you other Solution.

First You Upload the Image on Artefact & then Copy the Links of the Image on Artefact.

Add Url Option is already Available in WYSIWYG Editor so Paste that Url in Add Url Textbox so  that that image should display under the Editor.

If you have still Problem then Let me Know...

I will Give you Propoer Understanding for that...

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