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blocking access to image details and download

07 December 2010, 19:38

Hi All,

Is there a way for students to block access to image details and/or download capabilities for their images.  I am particularly concerned with our art students who will be granting public access to views that contain galleries of their work.




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09 December 2010, 14:02

For items like artworks, maybe for a later virsion of mahara, we should
include a watermarking feature?
This would give the user an option to add a watermark on top of the
image(s) as they want.

09 December 2010, 19:12

I do think that would be a very good feature to have.  Currently, if they add even a thumbnail image to a view, users can click on the image and get the full-sized image.  I have great concerns for our fine arts students .  While a creative commons license icon can be added to the view, there does not appear to be a way to add it to the window that opens with the full-sized image and the link to download it. 

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09 December 2010, 21:32

I have created this as a wishlist item in the bug tracker. So hopefully this will become a feature of later virsions of mahara.

if you would like to be notified of the "bug" you can subscribe here.

If this is an urgent problem, maybe we could consider a quote to Catalyst to do this sooner.



Sean Brennan

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