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Redirect problem

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05 December 2010, 15:45

I try to start the web installer but get this error in the browser (firefox gives the most complete error message)

'Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete'.

When trying in Opera the browser switches between trying to open




before stopping and reporting the error.

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08 December 2010, 14:11

Hi Paul,

What version of Mahara are you trying to install, and on what kind of server? Have you got anything attempting to rewrite the URL? Have you created your config.php from config-dist.php?

Thanks in advance,


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09 December 2010, 5:33

Thanks for the interest Andrew. I was able to resolve last night by clearing everything out of the hosting and recreating from scratch. I think the problem arose because I didn't delete the original database from the first install try. I recreated this and made sure to give it a new name.

I also renamed my data folder to maharadatanew. This has done the trick and I am now running very smoothly.




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