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31 October 2010, 22:34

Dear all,

May I know if I can move files between folder? or i need to delete the file uploaded at root and upload it again to the folder.



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01 November 2010, 0:15

Hello Mike,

You can move files between folders. Normally, you drag the file icon of a file onto the folder where you want to have the file moved to (it says so on the top of the page: "Drag and drop the icons to move files between folders.").

If you already have a file in a folder and want to move it to a different folder that is not a subfolder of your current one, you need to drag the file icon onto the parent folder and from there move it to its final destination.

Hope that helps.



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01 November 2010, 0:45

Hi Kristina,

It really helps!  Thanks a lot!



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