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New install on IIS problem

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27 September 2010, 6:08

I am running IIS7 with fastcgimodule php and postgres 8.3 on a seperate server.

When I try to run the install for mahara1.3.1 I get a 404 error following the redirect to the admin page. It's obvious why the url is not found when it shows. http://www.myurl//P:/Websites/mahara/install/admin/

I run a Moodle install in the same way without any issues so I'm a little confused.

If I navigate to the correct admin url no style sheets are being included so the page renders but I'm concerened that the base path system is wrong somewhere.

has anyone else experienced this?


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27 September 2010, 6:14

Hi Stuart,

From the error you have there, I'd guess that you have your wwwroot set incorrectly (or not at all) in your config.php - although it can be automatically detected in many installations, this is not always possible. In this case, it looks to be adding the path to your installation on disk. I'd highly recommend setting your wwwroot rather than leaving it to automatic detection.

If the wwwroot is incorrectly determined, then wherever style sheets, images, help files, etc are loaded they'll use the incorrect wwwroot - so in your case, if you look at the page source, your images will probably be coming from:


and other such wonderous locations.


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27 September 2010, 8:30

Thanks Andrew

In my haste I had not set the webroot in the config and it could not find it itself. All fixed


cheers for the help


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