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i want to do this !!!!!

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13 June 2010, 12:49 PM

i was searching mahara community site and by the way i found this page

i want to do this page in my mahara site

i want the user when searching the mahara site to see the result like this page 

could anyone help me in this ?????


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14 June 2010, 8:49 PM

Hi Wael,

The Group Members page is open to all to use. If you want all of your Users to be members of a Group you can select the Users auto-added? Yes option when creating the group.

If you want better site wide searching for Views etc I am also hoping we see some better functionality there in future Mahara releases.

The Solr plugin would help in this regard but the last update I read development had stalled and the plugin is broken in the latest Mahara versions.

Can any Mahara devs give an update on Solr or the direction search functionality will take?

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15 June 2010, 3:10 AM

hi ben

i will explain you the idea i am trying to do

i am adoctor in alexanderia faculity of medicine and i am also an assigned physician  in e-learning unit in our faculity

we are using mahara as an e-portofolio to our staff and i am searching in acommon feature to be done in mahara which is find adoctor

i want to specify the search box to be more specified so user can search by many options

i want also the search result to be like the page i sent to you

this what i am working on now

if i reach anything of this i will tell you

thanks for your interests and your replies



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