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Joined: 23 November 2013
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Jason Seng - Member

Having worked at Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) as a pilot, I believe I have the resilience to handle high workload in a stressful environment and work independently with little guidance. The experience has equipped me with strong analytic skills and quick decision making abilities. Flying has inculcated good situational awareness and meticulousness within me. The military has also reinforced discipline in me and equipped me with skills to be adaptive. Furthermore, being an officer in the RSAF has given me many opportunities to hone my leadership skills.

Joined: 19 August 2014
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I work at the Centre for Learning and Teaching at AUT University.

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Computer Sciences, Moodle, Skills repositories, now Mahara...

How sad would be the life without so many hobbies ? And been paid for it, it's a dream :)

Btw, I like also very much sailing, mushrooms, rink-hockey, rugby, scifi...

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