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Hey Nigel, I am trying to set up Mahoodle on a shared sever. All is fine but when I click the Mahara link in the network server block I get the following message: Sorry, could not log you in :( Sorry, we could not log you into Mahara at this time. Please try again shortly, and if the problem persists, contact your administrator I read in a post that this could be because of server time. Both Moodle and Mahara are using the same server. If I change the default timezone in Moodle would this affect the server's time? Jeff
i want to upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2 and when i run admin/upgrade.php.. it displays nothing... Please help..
Hi Nigel, could you help me please ?
Hi Nigel's I want to disable the Change my View's column layout option for all users and set a default layout how can i do this please help me.
Hi Nigel, I'm using Mahara for research in my graduate thesis. But I have difficulty in translating into my language. What should I do so that this translation is perfect? I am from Indonesia.
Hi Nigel, I am using Mahara with my senior high school students, and I want them to be able to create units of study something like what Tony Hursh has his college students do. What is the best way for them to link views together to make a unit of study?
hi I install Mahar but i encounter a problem.the problem is with config.PHP i made this file but still there is these errors: log_message("Not installed! Please create config.php from confi...", 1, true, true) at C:\wamp\www\mahara\lib\errors.php:121 log_environ("Not installed! Please create config.php from confi...") at C:\wamp\www\mahara\init.php:55 require("C:\wamp\www\mahara\init.php") at C:\wamp\www\mahara\index.php:32
hi, I am new to mahara .I want to add captcha on the send message and having problem
I install and configured mahara, but the only problem I have is that; every click will request me or the other users to login. instance -> I am logged in and I am on the home page, if I just click My Profile, I will be required to enter my username and password again. Please help me, What should i do?
Hi Nigel. I want to add a new feature to requirement is that the admin of an institution should be able to send a similar message to some selected once! hope u will help
Mahoodle prob - the Moodle Network authentication shows that users can roam to the mahara setup, Mahara works well on its own. I have double checked the installation document. My problem: the Network Servers block is hidden (I'm the admin user). Any suggestions?
Hi Johel, other peoples. Unfortunately Mahara doesn't send me messages when someone posts on my wall, so it might pay to post on the forums or send me a direct message ("send message" link near the top of this page).
Hi Nigel, a few months ago we installed Mahara for testing here at Pratt Institute in NY, USA and enjoyed working with. But now as we are getting ready to pilot it on campus, we found that we can't drag blocks while we are are editing. My IT partner and I have been searching for bug reports but so far we haven't found anything on that problem.We have only been able to drag blocks to one column in IE 7 and Firefox 3.5.2 Any ideas?
Hi there. We have an e-portfolio discussion going on here that might yet lead to a more active role of the Ministry in the provision of a solution fro schools. Still learning and no decisions made at this stage. However, pleased to join in the Mahara forum and see what is hapening in your community. Paul.
Hey Nigel, I am trying to beat the clock and am stuck trying to install Mahara using Wamp. I got as far as step 6. Could you help me complete. I am following the instructions at this link's_Guide/Installing_Mahara/Installing_Mahara_in_Wampserver Thanks, Lynn
Thanks Nigel :) I've just successfully upgraded from 1.1.5 to 1.1.6 on CentOS Linux but noticed one slight difference in the upgrade process from previous versions. I downloaded the tar.gz file and unpacked it. Based on past experience I would have expected Mahara to create a subdirectory called mahara-1.1.6 and unpack the files into that subdirectory. Instead it unpacked the files into the current directory, which was a bit confusing. I wondered if this was a deliberate change or just an oversight? Thanks once again for all the hard work that has gone into this release. Clive
Is there a "theming" tutorial anywhere? I'm not a programmer, but with a little bit of guidance I can hack through most things.
Thanks for the information Nigel. I will keep track of the export development. It is a very meaningful feature for what we are doing. best. tm
Oooops sorry Nigel. Hit the post button accidently. I was wondering about the export feature in Mahara. How recent is that? Do I have to install the latest update to employ it? thanks tim
Hi, one more q. There's a module to integrate Google apps with Moodle. What about Google apps - Mahara?
Hi Nigel, just started exploring Mahara as an option to build a "community" system at our department. Looks very interesting. Some issues after just looking at it for an hour... - Where to find info about how to theme institutions? Notice there is a drop down to choose the theme. - Can group "front page" be themed by users/admin? - Can feeds be aggregated within the system to be shown as one artefact (I'm not sure this question make sense...). E.g. show posts from several blog in one "box" in a view. - RSS? - Group blogs? (in roadmap), when? - Integration with wiki (the way you done it here is very nice). Any plans to have wiki pages in groups? - have you any ref users in sweden? /lars, stockholm university
Nigel, please consider using JIRA (under open source licence) as the Mahara issue tracker instead of the current eduforge.
Hi Nigel, as a maintainer of Pirate English language pack please join the new group "Mahara Translation" :-)
Hi Nigel.... your MAHARA installation is just fantastic- the new layout of the RSS feed is great- problems solved! Thanks a lot. Have a Merry Christmas all of you!
Hi Nigel from across the globe. Thank you for kindly answering my questions. I think you all have a fascinating application. I'm sure I'll have more "dumb questions." Cheers.
Hi Nigel. Thanks a lot for the new Mahara site! It looks and feels really great. Weel done!
Thanks man. I still have a question though. It's in the forum
Hi Nigel and all the brave developers of Mahara!!! Heinz just sent me the link to the new mahara site- wow!!!! and what a surprise to see one of my own views displayed :-)!!!! This will help me a lot up here in germany to convince people!!!